Skye Arundhati

Please do get in touch with me because I am always looking to write more and be involved in new projects. I am currently doing my masters in Critical Writing in Art and Design at the Royal College of Art. As an Indian woman living abroad, I have experienced displacement, nostalgia, but have gained a kind of cultural hybridity. I have a unique perspective that is also rooted in my undergraduate studies (BA Philosophy and the History of Art with courses in architecture theory). At the moment I am mostly writing about the politics of identity, particular to the women of a postcolonial India. I look to write about art, design or film through a political and philosophical lens. The personal is political, and I am looking to be part of projects that attempt to radicalise, politicise the personal and domestic space. At the moment I am thinking particularly of radical negativity in feminist discourse and how to negotiate such theory to empower the brown, female place in a mostly white, urban society. Editorial Assistant at design magazine Dirty Furniture, with a new piece in the new issue. Each issue of Dirty Furniture takes a type of furniture as its theme, using the object as a way to write about politics, history, psychology, philosophy, design and manufacturing. We are always looking for new writers that may be interested in pitching content. Our next issues are on Toilet, Telephone, Bed, Closet.
Art Director and on the editorial team for ARC magazine 2015. Our theme is Contagion, and we are looking especially at the movements across borders and questioning the values attached to both: movement and border. I am also interested in the discourse that surrounds post-nationalism and contemporary theories of cultural hybridity. Do contact me for any other details.