Jenny Chen

Awards and Honors

Metcalf Institute Climate Change Adaptation Fellowship, 2015

Awarded a fellowship to train on issues of climate change adaptation is St. Louis, Missouri.

New America Media Voter Rights Fellowship, 2014

Awarded a fellowship to report on voter’s rights in the Asian American community in the Washington, DC area.

GSA Journalists in Aging Fellowship, 2014

Awarded a fellowship to report on mental illness in the Asian American community.

Humanities Council of DC – DCCHP grant, 2014

Awarded a grant to a multimedia documentary series on mixed race Asian Americans in the DC area.

PRX STEM Story Grant, 2014

Awarded a grant from the Public Radio Exchange (PRX) to produce a story on stylometry (math) and art.

Jon Davidoff Scholarship, 2014

Full scholarship to the 2014 Wesleyan University Writer’s Conference for creative writing.

Davis Projects for Peace, 2010; 2012

A two time recipient of the Davis Projects for Peace – a $10,000 grant to launch projects that promote peace in communities.

Elijah Lovejoy Summer Internship Award, 2010

Funding awarded to Colby students to pursue an internship related to journalism in the spirit of investigative journalist Elijah Parish Lovejoy.