Catherine (Cate) Young

I can pretty much do anything, but my favourite things to write about and discuss are the feminist intersections of pop culture. I love television, I love movies and I love talking about what television and movies say about us as a collective. I can write for eternity about the way sexuality is perceived differently by race and how history feeds into those assumptions, but I can also write about the amazing way that Frozen subverted the “true love” trope and what it means to have overtly feminist media representations for children. If you need something written about pop culture, I’m your gal.

Alexander Hardy

As a bilingual dual citizen (American and Panamanian) who is a lupus survivor and writes about depression and happens to be a full-time homosexual, I write from the intersection of various communities. To date, my essays have been included in curricula at Emory State University, California State University-Chico, and New York University.

More of my personal writing can be found at My freelance work can be found here:

Also, I don’t believe in snow.

Pirooz Kalayeh

Pirooz Kalayeh received an MFA from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. He is the founding member and proprietor behind the musical group, The Slipshod Swingers, and the records Orange Lamborghini (2006) and Transistor Radio (2008). Kalayeh has also served as an Associate Producer and Post Production Coordinator with Weller Grossman Productions and Screen Door Entertainment on several television programs, including STRICTLY SEX WITH DR DREW (DISC), CRAFTLAB (DIY), and LOOK WHAT I DID (HGTV). In 2009, Kalayeh’s first solo directorial feature SHOPLIFTING FROM AMERICAN APPAREL (2012) was released under his personal label ILIKENIRVANA and had a theatrical release at select theaters throughout the United States. Kalayeh’s documentary feature about Buddhist teacher Brad Warner, entitled BRAD WARNER’S HARDCORE ZEN (2013) premiered at the Buddhist Film Festival in Amsterdam on October 5, 2013. THE HUMAN WAR (2013) was co-produced and co-directed by Kalayeh and premiered at the Beloit International Film Festival on February 21, 2014. His novel THE WHOPPER STRATEGIES details an advertising executive’s journey to package Enlightenment in a Box. Kalayeh is currently working on several web series and film narratives, including the much-anticipated comedy, ZOMBIE BOUNTY HUNTER M.D. He lives with his wife in Los Angeles and South Korea. He interviews various entertainers and artists on his blog, Shikow.

Dee Lockett

Bylines at,,, and (soon)

Ashley Clark

From London, England; live in Jersey City, USA
Curated “Space is the Place: Afrofuturism on Film” at BAMcinematek, Brooklyn
Have appeared on BBC One Film Show as a guest critic
Frequently moderate onstage Q&As and panels

Sona Charaipotra

Have published in the NY Times, American Way, TeenVogue, Cosmopolitan, Parade, MSN, ABC News,,, People, TeenPeople, The Daily Beast, Mom.Me, CafeMom, and other major media. Formerly a reporter at People magazine and senior editor at TeenPeople, also contributing writer at MSN TV for more than four years.

Marcus Jones

I’m a student at NYU Gallatin so I’m basically studying how media is expanding and changing, and making sure it changes for the better (more representation of marginalized groups, acceptable humor, wider definitions of what we may consider a film or television show). Great with video production, public speaking, and social media management too. Also available for internships or fellowships.

Willing to write just about any article involving Kanye West.

Vanessa Willoughby

Vanessa is a Prose Editor for Winter Tangerine Review.

Fariha Roisin

I’m hardworking, and a very, VERY good writer that deserves more work, if I do so say so myself! I have written a book and I would like to get it published soon! Everything from Race—to Films/TV Show—Pop Culture—to Zayn Malik—to Feminism—to Serial Killers. I can write the shit out of many things. I love writing about all the aforementioned topics because I can write passionately about them by applying personal experiences, facts, and history on to them, creating a tapestry of writing that is both profound, and entertaining.

Reniqua Allen

I write but I also produce television and documentary film. Mainly for PBS (Bill Moyers), POV (a new film this year with Bob Hebert about the black middle class). But also for HBO (Hot Coffee) etc… My website:

Dawn Campbell

I went to school for this (m.f.a. from NYU/TSOA). I’m also a one time dancer and a failed piano prodigy. I’m an incredible mimic and I’m all about that dialogue—even in silence, my characters are never at a loss for what to say.


Pilot Viruet

hatching chick emoji