Grace Talusan

I am living in Manila through May 31, 2015 and then I am back to Boston. I love to tell stories about people who are often invisible or overlooked. I’m currently working on stories about the lives of Filipino call center workers as well as travel and food pieces from Manila.

Mark Zastrow

I am a Korean adoptee, born in Seoul in 1987, and grew up in northern Minnesota. I have returned to Korea several times and lived there twice, most recently in April 2015 to freelance, specializing in science in Korea. I’ve written for Nature, Sky & Telescope, NOVA Next, and other sites.


Sulagna Misra

Bonnie Tsui

Sky’s the limit — my job is to keep eyes and ears open.

Rhitu Chatterjee

I’m a New Delhi based contributing correspondent for a public radio show called PRI’s The World. I also contribute to NPR’s radio shows, blogs as well as Science magazine. I spend most of my time covering poverty, development, hunger, malnutrition, other health issues – mental and physical, science and the environment. More recently I’ve also added gender issues to my reportage, and I spend a good amount of my time thinking and writing about how gender roles are changing in India and how it’s manifesting in people’s lives.

Ann-Marie Alcantara

I also write personal essays and will begin to write a column for the San Francisco Chronicle in May.