Rumnique Nannar

Writer and interviewer concentrating on race, movies, South Asian issues, and gender.

Rusul Alrubail

I am a freelance education writer for organizations and individuals interested in education, writing, teaching and race. I am also an Educator-in-Residence at Design Cofounders, where I help with the development and facilitation of Education pathways in Design & Entrepreneurship communities in Toronto. I also teach composition and literature. I am passionate about teaching & learning, student voice, professional development, writing and literature. I am currently working on The Writing Project, an essay writing platform for students, because I believe that writing gives students a voice. When students are empowered and inspired their voice translates into meaningful words that have the power to change the world.

Mallika Rao

Maybe because I grew up in a vibrant Indian community in Texas, I am drawn to the worlds under the surface of mainstream American life. Inside these spheres, my favorite stories are of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, especially when those circumstances are foisted upon them. It’s the old Flannery O’Connor hypothetical of having someone there to shoot you every minute of your life. Pressure transfigures people. And transformation is interesting.