Doyin Oyeniyi

Kelsey Riley

Kelsey is a live tweeter, cultural critic, militant millennial and proud HBCU grad who has traveled the world. She is surviving her Quarter-Life Crisis and is a Chicago native.

Reniqua Allen

I write but I also produce television and documentary film. Mainly for PBS (Bill Moyers), POV (a new film this year with Bob Hebert about the black middle class). But also for HBO (Hot Coffee) etc… My website:

Julia B. Chan

I don’t know nearly enough about anything – but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

Lauren McEwen

I currently work in the Washington Post’s Style section as a digital editor/editorial aide. My main areas are classical music and dance and I am basically a cross between a web producer and editorial assistant. I produce stories for online, add multimedia elements to features, create content for the web and conduct photo research. I also schedule all concert reviews, serve as the liaison between the paper and freelancers and manage the editorial budget.

In addition to writing, I also have social media management experience. I served as a podcast intern for the Black Girl Nerds podcast, doubling the number of Twitter followers within a few months. I also started the Black Girl Nerds Newsletter, which I designed and wrote twice a month. I also update the Post Style Facebook page.

In 2014, I launched a newsletter called All Black Girl Everything with my friend, Niesha Miller. We send out the newsletter three times a week and it contains stories that are by, for and about black women and girls.

Demetria Irwin

I just love to tell stories. As a native Detroiter who now lives in New York and works as a full-time freelance writer and editor, I’m brimming with ideas and questions about the world.

Pilot Viruet

hatching chick emoji