Caitlin Cruz

I’ve lived all over the US and will go anywhere for a story.


Dee Lockett

Bylines at,,, and (soon)

Victoria Namkung

-I have a master’s from UCLA in Asian American Studies
-I’m a stem cell donor to an unrelated donor who survived thanks to transplant
-My mom is Jewish from Ireland and my Dad is Korean
-Author of forthcoming novel, The Things We Tell Ourselves

Alison Kinney

My book, HOOD, will be published by Bloomsbury in January 2016: “We all wear hoods: the Grim Reaper, Red Riding Hood, torturers, executioners and the executed, athletes, laborers, anarchists, rappers, babies in onesies, and anyone who’s ever grabbed a hoodie on a chilly day. Alison Kinney’s HOOD explores the material and symbolic vibrancy of this everyday garment and political semaphore, which often protects the powerful at the expense of the powerless—with deadly results. Kinney considers medieval clerics and the Klan, anti-hoodie campaigns and the Hooded Man of Abu Ghraib, the Inquisition and the murder of Trayvon Martin, uncovering both the hooded perpetrators of violence and the hooded victims in their sights.”

Vanessa Willoughby

Vanessa is a Prose Editor for Winter Tangerine Review.

Mikki Kendall

Because I also work in comics and speculative fiction my audience is larger than average and spans a wide variety of communities.

Fariha Roisin

I’m hardworking, and a very, VERY good writer that deserves more work, if I do so say so myself! I have written a book and I would like to get it published soon! Everything from Race—to Films/TV Show—Pop Culture—to Zayn Malik—to Feminism—to Serial Killers. I can write the shit out of many things. I love writing about all the aforementioned topics because I can write passionately about them by applying personal experiences, facts, and history on to them, creating a tapestry of writing that is both profound, and entertaining.

Deborah Jian Lee

Accolades: Livingston Awards for Young Journalists, Finalist, 2012; Newswomen’s Club of New York Front Page Award for Radio Feature, 2012; Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting Grant Recipient, 2011; Scripps Howard Grant Recipient for religion reporting abroad, 2008.

Doyin Oyeniyi

Carmen Rios

I’m a lesbian-identified Latina in her twenties. Down for interviews, writing things, and more!