Stephon Johnson

I pride myself on the ability to write about anything and everything. From music reviews to political commentary, I have a wide array of interests and try to satisfy my curiosity on a daily basis. My top interests include sports, politics, education (and the intersection of the three) and labor issues. I’ve also done communications and grant writing work for non-profit organizations and have worked with special needs children on the side. You can find other clips and more information about me at my website.

Jaya Saxena

I’m the co-author of Dad Magazine: The Book, with Matt Lubchansky, to be published by Quirk Books Spring 2016. I’m also the author of an upcoming historic cookbook with Page Street Publishing. My writing is all over the place, but I try to write about what I’m interested in, whether that’s buying spells on Etsy, the history of breakfast cereal, the racial implications of who wins crappy TLC competition shows, or my mixed race heritage. I also think I’m pretty funny, and I look great in jumpsuits.