Aaron Leaf

I’ve been an editor for years at places like Guernica, Ricepaper and more recently Feet in 2 Worlds. I’m currently the managing editor of Ruins, a magazine about culture and the built environment. An essay I wrote was compiled in the book Canada’s Best Essays 2012. I also do stuff for Africa is a Country and soon, the Nation.

Cathy Lew

I write humor pieces for the New Yorker’s Shouts and Murmurs; personal essays; and essays on pop culture trends, digital lives (as they evolve with tech), music, and sports. I was the founding editor of AboveAverage.com, a comedy website in the Broadway Video family. I’m currently an associate producer at The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and look forward to writing more pieces on a range of topics.

Raillan Brooks


Donovan X. Ramsey

Donovan X. Ramsey is a multimedia journalist whose work puts an emphasis on race and class. He has written for outlets including The Atlantic, Gawker, The New Republic, MSNBC, Talking Points Memo and Ebony, among others.The Columbus, Ohio native earned his M.S. in magazine journalism from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and B.A. in psychology from Morehouse College. He is currently a Demos Emerging Voices fellow and resides in New York City.

Riley Wilson

I published my first work of fiction in college. Made it into a film a couple years later, thanks to pretty dope social media strategy. And now it’s in the film circuit. Pretty awesome.

Vivian Lee

I am currently an editor in publishing (which is why my clips are a little on the older side). However, I would love to keep writing outside of my day job. I also write personal essays (that aren’t published!).