Sunil Patel

Book reviews, movie reviews, comics reviews, television reviews (primarily sci-fi/fantasy/horror). Diversity and representation, and the double-edged sword of being a POC writer. I also write fiction and plays, and I frequently talk about submissions and rejections and how to deal with that process.


Author of 2 memoirs: The Nigerian-Nordic Girl’s Guide to Lady Problems (Shebooks) and Meeting Faith (W.W. Norton & Co.),
Co-editor of Coming of Age Around the World: A Multicultural Anthology (The New Press)
Writer / Narrator / Subject of the PBS documentary My Journey Home,

Beatrice Motamedi

I love writing longform features, op-eds and profiles.


Evan Burton

Evan has an MFA in Poetry from the City College of New York, and he is a Cave Canem Fellow. He works as a copywriter at a digital advertising agency in San Franciso. He’s currently at work on a book of short stories titled “Love & Money.”

Evan loves a well-structured story, well-told. His idea of a good time is to watch back-to-back Godard movies while playing chess and listening to the roots.